My purpose is to bring the best of typical and biological products that grow up in the National Parc of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, on the table of people who love Italian wine and Italian gastronomic products, and can appreciate its own characteristics.

Thanks to this project, the old emporium, opened about in the middle of XIX century when Agropoli and Vallo were connected by a railway, is coming to life again. I believe in the power of our villages often deserted, and I’m betting on a new trade: the electronic trade of our best goods. Our agriculture, our tourism and all kind of services tied up with them are the only starting point we can believe in.

I am always present on the ground and my policy is to commercialize local farms’ goods all over the world checking every passage from the beginning to the end in order to assure the typical waste of our products to my guests.

My aim is not just to offer a service to our farms but also to give them the exact and fair channel of trade, kipping the goods’ quality at the middle. We know and we can easily say that our characteristic products grow up in a small quantity, so it is impossible to bring them on the shelves of a large scale business.

I’m trying to help little farms to sell their products but in my immediate future I want to become a biological farm in order to go on with a sustainable development of our economy tied up with agriculture and tourism. I really believe in its power.

I’m sure, if you taste our products you can just sing their praises and come to visit us in order to find out my countries and my little working reality.

I thank you for your interest in our Cilento and in its products, but now it is the right time to taste them and to delight your palate!

Antonio Trotta


  • Antonio Trotta

    Antonio Trotta

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